First rule of Customer Development: No selling allowed — Ever!

WTF is Customer Development?

Here’s why you’re probably doing “Lean Startup” the wrong way.

A first time founder of a very early-stage startup asked me recently about how to do customer interviews (aka doing the Customer Development part of the methodologies collectively known as The Lean Startup) properly.

The Three Pillars of “Lean Startup”
What these tennis balls don’t tell you: The road to product-market fit usually takes much longer than you think
The Customer Discovery Phase has two important steps — you don’t get to skip one
The TL;DR Customer Development Summary in one image

Customer Development Resources:

To learn more, first of all you should take this free course with Steve Blank​, the father of Customer Development and the Lean Startup. It’s more or less the Stanford curriculum called Lean Launchpad — but for free. It will teach you everything you need to know about building a startup (at the early stages):

Now get the hell out of the building!

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